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How to pick a digital agency for your e-commerce business

Ever wondered how to pick a digital agency for your e-commerce business? Look no further, we’re here to help you make the best decision for your business.

There comes a time in any ecommerce seller’s journey where they want to increase their sales and their online presence. If you are one of them, keep reading.

There are many ways to do this, like investing in high-converting marketing campaigns, developing SEO strategies, improving your web design, or working with influencers among other things.

These methods are effective, but they can also be a headache for someone who doesn’t have the time or the expertise to do it. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve had an online business for quite some time, you should consider outsourcing these tasks. This is where a digital agency comes in handy. If you don’t have the time or know-how to handle every aspect of your online business, harnessing their expertise and skills is usually the best way to go.

So, in this article, we’re looking at what a marketing agency does, how they can help you, and how using a digital agency differs from hiring an employee.

How can an agency help you e-commerce business?

An agency can help you grow your business and build a better reputation and presence for it, but it can also do a lot more.

Access to Up-to-the-Minute Advice

When it comes to the latest industry trends, high-quality marketing agencies stay ahead of the curve. So you can be confident you’ve got access to cutting-edge approaches to help you run your eCommerce business.

DigitalNext note: To ensure that the digital agency you pick has this kind of knowledge, ask whether they have any materials or resources they’ve compiled. This is just one way they can prove they’re researching and adopting all the latest systems and trends.

Enjoy an Outsider’s Perspective

As entrepreneurs, sometimes it’s difficult to have a clear and objective perspective on your business. This is normal because you want it to succeed. That’s why an outside opinion is imperative for getting a fresh perspective on how to enhance your business.

SEO Marketing Strategy

A top-notch marketing agency will create a specific strategy for your business – one that brings you a step closer to meeting your business goals. Of course, these targets will vary depending on the nature of your business, so double-check your prospective agency is willing to analyze your business type and goals. That way, they’ll have all the info they need to tailor-make an SEO strategy that meets your exact requirements.

For example, if you want an SEO strategy for your e-commerce website, the processes, tools, and techniques will significantly differ from the ones used to drive traffic to a photographer’s blog or a non-profit organization’s website.

Reporting and Analytics

Successful strategies hinge on collecting and analyzing data. Without a firm grasp of where you’re already ranking on search engines (i.e., Google), there’s no way of establishing whether the strategy you’re implementing is helping you to improve.

DigitalNext note: This is where outsourcing your SEO analytics and reporting to a marketing agency specializing in this field is a real asset. Not only will you save yourself tons of time and money, but you’ll also receive actionable insights as to how your current SEO strategies could improve.

Cohesive design for your brand

Design is no longer just about printed promotional materials or logos. Instead, it’s essential for establishing your brand’s identity. It’s the visual language your company uses to communicate with its audience.

If creativity isn’t something that comes naturally to you, a digital agency could help finetune your online graphics and your brand’s style guide (colors, fonts, logos, graphics, photography). Getting these right is imperative because it’s what customers will associate you with. Agencies are (or should be) well versed in how to communicate brand values.

While good design uplifts your brand’s standing in the eyes of your customers, the lousy design will most certainly be its downfall.

Often a lousy looking website suggests cheapness and a lack of understanding. Neither of which inspires confidence!

It’s also worth remembering that high-quality website design goes hand-in-hand with a positive user experience. Web design strategists know which contrasts to use for the best readability, which colors draw the eye for a higher conversion rate, and which layouts communicate your content marketing efforts the best. Not only that, but good design draws the eye. The best internet marketing campaigns stand out visually and are immediately memorable. Your graphic designs should work in conjunction with your copy to drive conversions. Otherwise, even the greatest pitch or concept might fail.

Website development

Whether you’re using WooCommerce, Magento, or any other e-commerce platform to run your online store, your website is your portal to the world. So, if you want to provide a top-notch shopping experience, you’ll need to present a beautiful and easy-to-navigate website.

Here’s how hiring a digital agency ensures you make the most out of your online store:

Today, there’s a multitude of intuitive website builders on the market. Although the templates provided with such software are often sleek and modern, it can be challenging to make them look just the way you want.

Unless you have the coding know-how to bring your vision to life, you’ll be limited to whatever functionality your e-commerce solution provides. This is where a marketing agency that also does web design comes in handy. They can help you have the website you want for your business. They can make it more than simply look good. They can work on offering your customer a journey that will lead them into making a purchase. Not only that but they can also make it mobile-friendly, which is essential since 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices in the last 6 months.

A good UX specialist will increase your ‘click-through’ rate by working with talented SEO specialists that employ search marketing techniques, coders, copywriters, and marketing experts to present the ultimate digital experiences.

So should you work with a digital agency?

There are many ways you could benefit from working with a digital agency. Whether you’re hoping for assistance with your SEO, design, or web development, or whether you’re looking for help with your marketing campaigns, agencies afford benefits that hiring an employee might not. 

As a digital agency ourselves, we know how important it is for e-commerce to have all its needs covered in one place. From website development to brand design to marketing and advertising strategies, it’s important to have access to it in one place and work with professionals for each one of these categories. Equally important is to be able to communicate clearly with the agency. Find someone who will answer all your questions and make sure that your business is growing the way you want it to grow.



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